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Snooper Sapphire, Portable Speed Camera Detector

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Product Description

Snooper Sapphire, Portable Speed Camera Detector

The difference between Snooper Sapphire and any other GPS speed camera detector system? Snooper's unique AURA database. Sapphire is not only the most stylish system on the market, but it's performance has brought it accolades across Europe from Sweden down to Spain! 

Snooper Sapphire

The ultimate in GPS speed camera detection systems... 

Exceptional design and build quality are merely the external features of this amazing portable device. But look inside and you´ll discover the real genius behind this phenomenal GPS speed camera detection system. As you would expect from Snooper, the Sapphire is driven by our unique AURA database providing you with not only the best looking speed camera detector on the market… but also the best performance available. An ultra sensitive built-in GPS antenna gives you excellent reliability and voice and visual alerts keeps you focussed and trouble-free.

Speed Camera Detection

No one likes speed cameras but they are here to stay and rest assured, there will be more. Snooper Sapphire keeps you more aware of the stretch of road you are on. It lets you know the speed limit. It alerts you to all fixed cameras including the new MCS, multi-lens gasto camera. Some cameras are calibrated to activate even if you are only driving a couple of miles an hour faster than the limit. One flash and there are at least three points on your license. It only takes a couple of brief lapses in concentration and you could be facing a ban.

Multilingual Voice Alerts

Sapphire has been programmed to speak in the following languages and can be switched easily between them. English, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Germany, Dutch, Danish, Norwegian, Swedish and Flemish. 


The AURA advantage - not all speed trap databases are created equal! 

Only Snooper speed camera detectors utilise our unique AURA database. All GPS location systems are only as good as the information that is stored inside them, therefore it is essential that your system uses the best there is. AURA was created to provide the very best automotive Speed Safety Camera database available.

Your Snooper Sapphire is different to other non-Snooper systems because the AURA database allows you to download live updates 24 hours a day, every day. Cheaper, lower quality systems usually only give you the opportunity to download a database 4 times a year. This means that your system can be up to three months out of date before your next update. If you get caught out by a new speed camera you didn't know about, you'll have no-where to turn. With AURA, if a new speed camera appears, it will be live on our database within 48 hours.

The AURA database contains all information that is vital to today´s driver. The vast database now comprises the widest number of locations imaginable including: Gatso, MCS, Truvelo, Watchman, DS-2, Speedcurb, SPECs Average Speed Cameras, Mobile Laser sites, Mobile Camera Vans, Mobile Gatso and Truvelo Cameras, Accident Hotspots, High Risk Zones, Digital Cameras, Congestion Charge Cameras and Schools (optional). Plus the database includes the Speed Limits at all these locations so your Snooper Sapphire can count down accurately to the hazard!

How does it work?


As well as the UK and Ireland, the AURA speed trap database now offers Worldwide protection. Included in our system are locations in Germany, Holland, Belgium, France, Spain, Portugal, Switzerland, Italy, Austria, Luxembourg, Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Poland, Romania, Russia, North America, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and South Africa and is still growing.

So from Manchester to Monaco you will always be protected by your Snooper Sapphire.

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AURA speed camera subscription charges

Choose from three easy payment methods.

Payments by Futurepay automatic payment system by credit or debit card.

£2.99 inc vat per month
£7.99 inc vat every 3 months
£29.99 inc vat every12 months

All payment packages provide unlimited access to the AURA Worldwide speed trap database! 

Minimum subscription period 12 months.

AURA Database

All SNOOPER GPS speed camera locators utilise the AURA database with live speed camera updates available 24 hours a day, every day. New speed cameras are added within an unbeatable 48 hours. GPS location systems are only as good as the information they store therefore it is essential that your system uses the best there is. AURA is absolutely the best automotive Speed Camera Safety database.

Sapphire General Features:

  • Ultra slim, ultra compact
  • Fully Portable
  • Height: 53mm
  • Width: 105mm
  • Depth: 20mm
  • Weight: 200g (1.1kg when packaged)
  • LCD Display: 1.75" TFT Digital LCD
  • Up to 10 screen colour combinations
  • Voice Alerts
  • Speed Limit Alerts
  • Camera updates via USB
  • Earphone socket for motorcycle use
  • Widescreen or Hardwire mounting options

Sapphire Detection Features:

  • Gatso cameras
  • Truvelo Cameras
  • Specs Cameras
  • DS2
  • Speedcurb
  • Watchman
  • New Multi Lens Gatso
  • Accident Blackspots
  • Mobile Laser Sites
  • High Risk Zones
  • Covers UK & Europe

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